What's a Hoot?

What's a Rep?

Reach customers while they are shopping, not while they are catching up with friends or updating their profile status.

Find events and goings-on near your current location or enter a destination and explore activities to add to your itinerary.

Apply and receive a SnoCard loaded with a dollar amount for use at local businesses.

Send out hoots to reach the people around your business, not just your followers. You define the radius, SnoOwl delivers your message.

Discover new restaurants around you, find a quick bite while traveling, and get promotions from your favorite spot.

Recruit businesses and get more dollars added to your SnoCard as a reward. The more businesses you sign up, the more dollars you have to spend.

Engage potential patrons with photos, videos, and coupons.

Receive updates and offers from your favorite local businesses and share them with your friends.

Receive free meals and goods while helping SnoOwl gain more users. You decide where to go, you designate how to spend your SnoCard. It's a win-win.


Receive updates on our upcoming launch. Join the flock and let SnoOwl give you a bird's eye view of your surroundings.
Own a business?


By signing up your business, you'll receive 25 SnoBucks to use towards premium features and gain a network of prospective customers near you.
Not a business owner?


Connect with the SnoOwl team and be the first to receive updates about SnoOwl development.
Own a business?
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